Monday, October 13, 2008

My New Blog

You can see my latest blog at

I have info about what I'm doing all day, my attempt to make mom's cinnamon rolls, and my first foray in floral design, compliments of Amy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just curious as to what all the UT family members were planning for Thanksgiving. Keith's parents will be here visiting us, so we'd like to plan ahead a little bit. Does everyone want to get together for dinner, or would you guys rather just do dessert as a group? Any other ideas? Any volunteers to host dinner this year? I would, but I doubt we could fit everyone in our apartment! Comment below on your ideas/thoughts...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our trip to Oahu

We went to Hawaii in October with our friends Roger and Lavonne McCumber. Some of the above pix are of the set for the Lost TV series. They were going to shoot Monday, but we were due to go home Sat. night. Judy demurred on extending our stay (go figure) to watch them shoot. You want to know what is really relaxing? Get one of those cheap floating lounges and just float on your back in Waikiki bay. Man, it is neat. Why don't I do it more often? We saw BYU play Utah State at Giovanni's Pastrami-they have 17 flat screens, 50" each. And they don't kick you out when you're done eating. If you want a full description of my vacation, call me. I have the meal-by meal, place-by place, wave-by wave description all ready.

Spencer is out

Spencer is now in Bakersfield, at the half-way house on H St. He is quite pleased to no longer be at Corcoran, where, frankly, they treated him like a prisoner or something. He will be at Westcare until Dec 26. Then he can stay on at a sober living facility for 6 more months, but the difference is that he can leave during the day to get a job. And the state pays for it. That is his plan. More later. Thanks to all those who wrote to him at Corcoran.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Since No One Else is Posting, I'll Bore you With Details About My Life

In the last year, the biggest lesson we have learned is that you can't plan anything too far in advance. You can plan and plan and plan, but things still might change. Today, our plan for the next couple years changed.

I got a call from my advisor informing me that I would have to take 3 more classes in order to be considered for the Secondary Teaching program. They are classes that I had already took at BYU, but the committee wanted me to take the UVU equivalents of those classes. So, instead of starting my student teaching next September, I wouldn't be able to start until January '10.

Since Keith is now graduating in August instead of December, it puts us in an awkward position if I want to finish the credential program. He would either have to extend his graduation even more, or he would have to work here in Utah for a few months, or more if I can't get permission to student teach in another state.

So far, we've decided that I will finish this semester up, and concurrently look for a full-time job. If I ever have a burning desire to become a teacher I can always go back to school wherever Keith gets a job. It's kind of a bummer since I feel sometimes like I don't pull my weight around here, but hopefully I'll find a job soon.

P.S. My camera is broken! SAD! So pictures will come once we mail the camera to Fry's in Texas where we bought it, they fix it, and send it back. That could be awhile....hopefully it's before Thanksgiving!!!