Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Kuykendall House

Keith's parents came to visit us for Thanksgiving. We had a good time with them!
Keith and I with all the food. There was so much! We'll have leftovers for days, which isn't necessarily a bad thing =)
The mess that making such a "feast" creates. This was AFTER two loads of dishes had already been done...

I'm thankful for so many things, but as of last night, I was thankful I was able to have Keith's parents with us, and we were able to eat a turkey without getting food poisoning!!
I was pretty nervous about cooking dinner, and wasn't sure if I would do it, but Keith convinced to me to at least try, and I'm glad he did. I, at least, thought it turned out okay!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Autumn in Utah

Here are a few of our photos taken at Ashley's baptism and on our recent trip to Utah. It was so beautiful there, with the autumn trees and leaves everywhere. Makes me wonder why was it again that we chose Bakersfield. I'm sure there was a reason, but it escapes me for the moment. How we love the fall colors and being with our grandchildren in Utah. We were so glad that Sharol, Andrew and Ryan shared the journey with us, and gave the Austin cousins a chance to be together. Great events, great food, great fun. We hated to go home!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Mom, Dad, Sharol, Andrew, and Ryan came to Utah for Ashley's baptism this past weekend. The kids had fun playing in the leaves in their church clothes afterwards. We also had a BBQ at Chris's, and a delicious chicken dinner at Shannon's.

Thanks for visiting us!!